Action Plan of HYB to help customers with inventory Shortage
Action Plan of HYB to help customers with inventory Shortage


The Coronavirus 2020 Outbreak created very hard opening of the year. January 24th, 2020 -- News about the coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan, China, is changing rapidly. The main respiratory infection, named COVID-19 by the WHO is affecting dramatically in Third Industry in China. Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Retails used to be the leading growth in the economy during the spring in China.

Chinese government and medical forces have been doing all possible means to control the virus from spreading and cure patients infected as much as possible. All the necessary quarantine methods and prevention actions have been taken not just in Wuhan City, the Hubei Province, but all over China. The commercial centers, markets where used to the crowd are now empty due to the advices from the Government to stay at home and avoid any contacts to public. Knowing the direct and indirect influence from this virus, people stick to the government and highly discipline themselves.


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Not only the third Industry, but also the manufacturing in China is affected a lot under the current policy against the coronavirus. Employees and Workers come from Hubei Province are under quarantine period and lots of workers are not yet back into their position. Hubei Province and Area around this area are not yet open for operation. Hubei and surrounded Area is very essential for Imaging Industry especially for the toner production. There are 7 manufacturers among all the 29 Chinese toner manufacturers are in Wuhan or Hubei and 6 others are in area very close to Hubei.

To deal with this situation, HYB started their “Home Office” Program since 2nd of February and Sales Professionals have been taking care of consultations and enquiries from their customers. Started from February 10th, HYB Sales Professionals revert to work and 30% of the Production lines turned on since then on. To keep the production working under safe condition, HYB organized their management to implement a series of protection one workers, and anti-virus cleaning on the tooling and environment as the rules to follow every day. The production turned on under supervision of Safety Production Supervision Office with official documents.


“All the workers are required to stay in their position to work with regulated distance and protection under masks, gloves without contact between positions. Automatic filling system and transfer belts are turned on to remove hand-over between human beings. We are expecting the recovery of production capacity will be more in next week.” Said the Operation manager in HYB.

HYB PMC and Sourcing Managers made long-term forecast before Chinese New Year and their toner from overseas channels are sufficient for the next 3 months. “We have bulk toner costs more than 4.8 million dollars has been ordered and some of them are in position while the rest are in importing process gradually so we are confident with our raw material that play 60-70% important role in our production.” said Ms. Nitta Wang, the Sourcing Manager of HYB.

Some customers have to reconsider their plan due to the shortage of inventory from goods made by their suppliers in Hubei and surrounded Area. “We have customers who decided to pay higher to order HYB toner for the better quality we offer plus faster efficiency and delivery time. They believe that this is worthy for this period. Once the premium line is launched, it will also attract more local dealers who didn’t find the premium toner category from this group of customers.” Clark Wang, the Sales Manager disclosed some facts.

HYB crew intend to offer extra supports than usual to their customers and those who are in trouble of their inventory in this period. We expect to overcome the difficulty with our customers for this unexpected period and trust that the It's going to be sunny after the storm.