HYB upgraded Anti-Counterfeiting System
HYB upgraded Anti-Counterfeiting System

Thanks to the efforts of HYB’s Global distributors, HYB has dramatically increased the sales of products carrying their brands and trademarks – HYB TONER ®, Zeus Powerful Toner ®, Zikom ® ,etc.

Due to the growing popularity of HYB’s branded products around the world, many cases of Counterfeiting HYB products have been found and reported by local distributors.

Buyers Trapped with Fake HYB Toners
Zeus Toner Counterfeiting Products Found in Brazil Market
In order to assist the distributors in identifying the Counterfeiting products from Genuine ones, HYB has implemented an upgraded Anti-Counterfeiting System for their products started from June and launched their new training course with Instruction books to their distributors.

Distributors welcome the upgraded system with educational materials which will effectively help them to offer training to their Sales professionals and local customers. Furthermore, it will also enable them to discover fake and claimed-to-be HYB products from the market and report to their executive office. HYB’s team will also support their distributors to take legal actions against any copied products of HYB’s multi-branded products. Any customers who need the instruction book about HYB’s Anti-Counterfeiting System, please feel free to contact the Sales Professionals to get the materials for free.
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