HYB launches BRANDING MONTH Sales Campaign
HYB launches BRANDING MONTH Sales Campaign

Since HYB launched BRANDING MONTH celebration, HYB’s team members in its Zhuhai headquarter met to review the company’s branding strategy over the past two decades. 
The celebration of HYB’s BRANDING MONTH has attracted new customers’ enquiries about being a distributor to resell products under HYB’s various trademarks in different countries. Thanks to the engagement of existing Global distributors, more and more customers get to know how HYB’s Multi-Brand strategy helped distributors to grow their business and maintain customers loyalty.  Nowadays the company covers brands like HYB Toner, Zeus Toner, ZIKOM and CLEANOFFICE which are available through its network of 40 authorized resellers in 105 countries.

The BRANDING MONTH 2022 will end with the last Sales Campaign and returning benefits to HYB’s branded distributors. The head of HYB released vouchers for their distributors to enjoy discount particularly for products under HYB’s brand with values of 500USD, 1000USD and 2000USD.
Vouchers can be used for orders as cash discount and will be given to HYB’s existing distributors as well as newly contracted distributors during the BRANDING MONTH.
To know more details and rules about HYB’s BRANDING MONTH Sales Campaign, please contact our Sales Professionals for details.