HYB’s Summary of Branding Success and Celebration Party
HYB’s Summary of Branding Success and Celebration Party
On a Friday right after the May Labor Holidays, HYB’s team members in Zhuhai Headquarter have their Summary for success and opportunities from their Branding Strategies in the past 2 decades.

Since the founder created HYB Toner, it is the 24th year the company insists their Multi-Brand strategy and Brand Building around the world. Nowadays, products manufactured by HYB Group with HYB Toner®, Zeus Toner® ,ZIKOM® and CLEANOFFICE® brands covers 105 countries and 40 authorized distributors are gaining success each year to expand their business. During the conference of summary, Kim Lee, the Sales Director of HYB introduced how the founder-Mr. Vincent Chen established the brand and business in the very beginning. The training course has also introduced how HYB’s Multi-Brand succeeded in different regions with their background stories and marketing policies respectively. After that, the whole sales team enjoyed snacks and a cake prepared for this particular occasion.

HYB has opened a channel “Share the stories with our brands” where some of the HYB distributors posted their prepared videos to celebrate the success of the brands. Distributors from South Africa, Spain, Malaysia, Lithuania, Brazil engaged to share their happiness from success of being an authorized HYB distributor.
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