HYB’s Branding Month Celebration
HYB’s Branding Month Celebration
HYB has started different activities of celebration for the Branding Month( from April 18th to May 18th 2022) in order to celebrate the success gained from their multiple brands and products lines. As a leading manufacturer in the particular product segment, HYB stands out (of the market) not only because it is a manufacturer but also an owner with multiple successful brands and trademarks.

HYB has 24 years of expertise in the field of photocopier imaging supplies and has won the preference of more than 900 importers in 105 countries who are loyal to their products and services. The owner and senior management have learned the fact that dealers and distributors for copier machines, consumables and spare parts always stick to work with trouble-free products with a good reputation. This is why HYB, different from most of the rivals in the industry, pays high attention to brand building and to introducing different added-value to their brands.

We have witnessed some reputable brands failed in some of their customers because of introducing price-oriented brands and quality-oriented brands. So those who used to be loyal to their master brand have faced with troubles when they used price-oriented brands in some cases. This is NOT HYB’s Multi-Brand strategy stands for. In all the HYB’s brands and trademarks, none of them was established to enter the low price market because it was determined to be the market share HYB abandoned. The profitless price-oriented market will only win sales revenue coming along with a sacrifice of own reputation and this is against the principle of Vincent Chen, the founder of HYB Group. This has been so determined to the extent that many customers who try to customize products in our brand with different quality standards or different technical requirements were all turned down.

Mr. Vincent explained how difficult for him to start the business from a much smaller size to our current scale. “I started to offer our OEM replacement products since 24 years ago in Chinese domestic market. Among all the products which were much cheaper than mine, I already decided to make a difference by offering toner cartridges that were produced from our own moulding and filled with premium toner that comes from Japan. It took me a lot of time to convince customers that our products are different from most of the other Aftermarket products. But I was loyal to my belief and I trusted that most of my customers were not looking for the cheapest Aftermarket products but the perfect replacement. Step by step, we are now selling products with HaoYinBao ®, YingyinBao Imaging ®, Liken ® brands to 23 distributors in China with a common recognition that HYB is a First choice for our Copier Imaging supplies. ”
(In 2021, Mr. Vincent Chen has an interview with the Industry Media and talked about how they invested to convert smart buyers into loyal customers through their supreme quality, strict testing system and great services.)

The same with HYB’s multi-brand in the Global market. HYB Toner ®, Zeus Toner ® and ZIKOM ® cover EMEA, South America, Africa, European Union, Russia and Asia-Pacific countries by efforts of their 40 International contracted distributors. Many of the HYB Global distributors have worked with HYB for more than 10 years and expanded their business to a much wider market share.

When you have a chance to ask for their comments on HYB’s products and the company, you can always get high compliments from them especially those who have been working for more than 10 years with them. The longer time they work with HYB, the greater satisfaction they are winning from their dealers.

Take an example of HYB’s distributor in Brazil. Duccoprint in Brazil just celebrated 10-year anniversary to be HYB’s distributor for their brand –Zeus Toner®. It has become one of the most famous internet shops in Brazil for technicians to order copier toner and spare parts and all of them under Zeus Toner ®. The company, since they contracted with HYB as their distributor, has not only been the successful company in B2C but also in B2B business and MPS providers in different states of Brazil.
Another successful true story is shared by Mr. Tony Maia from MR.TONER South Africa. Tony expressed how he started HYB’s brand in South Africa and won a lot more shares than it used to be 10 years ago. Mr. Maia also admitted that the past 10 years period when he worked with HYB, he gets most rapid growth of his company among the 20-year company history so far. Nowadays, MR.TONER is an African-based Group company that branches in Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Zambia, and Angola.  

(A lot of other successful true business stories from HYB’s customers and distributor in the magazine to be downloaded for free)  A Japanese customer of HYB, Mr. Ishida from Tomoki Shoji Company, also expresses his high compliment from the dealers who used HYB’s premium color toner and helped him to win a long-term business project with his new customers.

“We are very grateful to see that the products manufactured by HYB, under multiple brands are helping our distributors to grow their companies and reputation. The data of sales in branded products of HYB really reflect that our strategy to focus on high-quality segment of the industry should be insisted. I am always glad to see some customers who approached me with products carrying our logos and asked if I can sell them directly. Even though I said NO to them in order to follow our agreements with distributors, I enjoy seeing our brands are gaining customers’ popularity in different countries.” Kim Lee, HYB’s Overseas Sales Director added.
Multilingual Marketing Multi-Brand
HYB established their websites and other official channels for publishing their company news, making products releasing and popularizing information with multilingual contents. Instead of making translations of their Chinese News, HYB’s marketing materials, News and Information were all written by original editors in their own languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French. HYB’s doing what really being understood by customers, dealers, key managers and owners who wanted to know more about HYB’s culture, products and News in their mother tongues.
From April 18th to May 18th during the Branding Month, a lot of activities will be held and many customers will join our celebrations. Any of your enquiries about HYB’s brands and distributor strategy are welcome.
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