Not all the “Long life” Products perform long life
Not all the “Long life” Products perform long life

Since 2018, HYB added spare parts and components into their products range and the products supplied to the market have grown good reputation in the past 3 years. HYB has never been satisfied what has been included into their catalog and keep striving for pursuing higher quality and wider product range.
HYB recently strengthen their development in components of copier machines with available new products. In order to match the much heavier working load than printer components, HYB applied New Technology applied to Compatible Ricoh PCR, which worked with O.E.M. Drum and HYB toner to perform 255K of yield. The new products produced with their most advanced non-contact charging technology has gained customers’ common recognition that it stands out of the aftermarket.

HYB also released their true long life pick-up, separation, and feed rollers in Kyocera, Ricoh copiers at the end of March. To study how it performs better than other products in the aftermarket, HYB distributors sent the most popular so called “long life” rollers for use in Kyocera printers to run life test and compared to new released HYB rollers.

All these 3 compatible 2F909171 were tested in ECOSYS M2040dn machines and noise started from 2000 pages approximately. The tire started wore out and when one of them being replaced in Kyocera TASKalfa 3010i, the noise happened only started from 20 pages of prints. 

When technicians changed all the rollers to HYB 2F909171 Separation rollers, printers were able to produce copies with normal function until 10K copies without any issues.
The HYB technicians studied the difference of HYB 2F909171 Separation rollers with other collected aftermarket samples and found that the main reasons to perform huge gap of quality is because
1. Damping springs that used to configure the core of rollers are very different in quality
2. Match working between damping springs and roller cores
3. Material to roller core created quality difference

  HYB high durability pick-up, separation, feed rollers covers application in Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Toshiba, Canon, Xerox, OKI, HP printers and copiers. With their excellent engineering strength and 23-year experience of specialty in copier products, HYB keeps to develop premium quality products that brings true cost-saving to their customers. To get a complete product list, please contact the sales professionals of HYB.