HYB Offers 360° Virtual Factory Tour
HYB Offers 360° Virtual Factory Tour
The COVID-19 has seriously affected the International traveling. Under such difficulty for background research with supplier, HYB offers the virtual factory tour which enables the customers to have a better study of the capacity, specialty in products and scale of the suppliers.

To give the convenience to customers who are not familiar with HYB yet, the company has published an access to have a virtual factory tour in HYB Zhuhai cartridges production. Customers will be able to visit the commercial center, copier cartridge molding, cartridges assembly, toner testing laboratories with 600+ A3 copiers, chemistry laboratory, vacuum cleaners production, environmental simulation testing etc.
You are invited to visit the All-in-one copier solution provider before they make a decision to choose the right supplier of their copier toner, copier toner cartridges, spare parts and components, dedicated solutions for technicians.
(Pictured the QR Code for HYB factory tour virtually)
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