HYB annual sales meeting
HYB annual sales meeting
The Overseas Sales Team of HYB had their annual sales meeting of 2020 and set their Sales Target for 2021.

Even Covid-19 gave an enormous impact to the market for copier dealers, the data disclosed in the meeting has showed a growth of sales revenue in Spare Parts, Copier Bulk Toner, Service Vacuum, and Toner Cartridges for copiers ; most importantly there was significant increase of new HYB customers’ accounts.
There was a constant growth in North and South American, Middle East and Asian Market for HYB, thanks to the 90 customers who newly have established business with HYB in 2020. The growth from these market plus additional revenue from new customers remain HYB to continue sales growth in 2020. HYB Sales team was encouraged for the fact that customers are still eager to start business with HYB even in the period when business affected by Covid-19.

The HYB exclusive formulas in Xerox and Canon color machines helped HYB to serve their particular customers who are looking for different applications. 
Spare parts business becomes a supplementary production range in HYB to boost the growth of total revenue included rollers, remanufactured Drum units, OPC, Drum blades etc. The product has been penetrated into the dealers’ system after 4 years since they were launched. The team is also pleased to see that their new Service Vacuum was sold for more than 6000 units in less than a year. Each member in the team has received their commitment of Sales target to finish in 2021 and they are confident in accomplishment of their target in 2021. The company also honored the employees with “Rising Stars” “Sales Champion” of the year.
During the challenging period, HYB and their customers supported each other. The company cherishes the precious relationship and partnership with their customers who conquered the difficulty and move on together with HYB.