HYB Vacuum Cleaner XC-168 reached the sales of 6000 units
HYB Vacuum Cleaner XC-168 reached the sales of 6000 units
It has been one year since HYB launched their efficient Service Vacuum Cleaner XC-168 and it is reported more than 6000 units have been sold since 12th of December.
XC-168 Vacuum Cleaner was developed and manufactured by HYB. It was launched in October 2019 and has received the Certificate of Conformity of CE in March of 2020. (After independent testing, the Certificate of Conformity #EBO1912114-V314 has been granted to Zhuhai HaoYinBao Printing Consumables Co., Ltd.)

Products have been delivered to customer base of HYB in South East Asia, South America, E.U. and gaining higher popularity. The progress of sales for XC-168 is positively growing and it’s surprisingly good for such one that was only launched for a year. This is all because of the consistent investment of HYB for the qualification of the products and strict QC with each component that compose this product. HYB and their distributor in Korea have finished their complicated paperwork and at the last stage to get their KC approval certified by the KTR Organization.  

HYB takes qualification and certification as seriously as how they manufacture their product with quality assurance. That’s why distributors of HYB united with them and achieve mutual growth of business in each market. HYB is expecting the sales of Vacuum Cleaner XC-168, together with the consumables for this item will reach a higher amount in 2021.
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